Bank Director’s 2015 Acquire or Be Acquired Conference: A Week in Pictures

As we wrap up “AOBA week” there are so many to thank… be it Kelsey for reminding me that “coffee is for closers“… Katilyn, Robert and Daniel for their contributions as recognized by their peers (“stay thirsty my friends”)… Laura, Mika and Michelle for bringing the prize patrol to the golf course… the list goes on & on of the super heroes we had band together to make this year’s event such a success.  Also, a HUGE congratulations to our controller, Ryan McDonald, and his wife who welcomed their first child into the world this week (a healthy baby boy).  So allow me to share some “behind the scenes” pictures from our time at The Phoenician. 

If you’re interested to see what we’ve covered, you can click on a number of posts (this video about a CEO panel and this  recap of three things I noticed on Sunday, this video about the new consolidators, this video from Sunday night, this written recap from Monday, this video from Monday evening, this video from Tuesday and this written recap from Tuesday).  Also, our managing editor, Naomi Snyder, authored a number of great highlights pieces that posted to  And as a final recap of Acquire or Be Acquired, let me share the video I used to welcome the team to our wrap-up dinner on Tuesday night (w/ thanks to our friends at Snapshot for doing this with me!)

P.S. – it is Aloha Friday!

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