Connecting the Dots

By Al Dominick

Welcome to about|that|ratio, a site for those interested in the strategy of leading a financial services business.  As the CEO of DirectorCorps — the holding company for Bank Director, FinXTech and a few awesomely-ambitious new projects — I have a front-row seat to various moments of transformation impacting a hugely influential audience.  This includes public and private company CEOs, their boards and executive teams, technology executives, institutional investors, venture capitalists, state & federal regulators, government officials, academicians, trade association heads and members of the media.

I first started blogging about the dramatic changes underway in the banking world in 2010. Today,  I provide my views on current issues and ideas impacting the financial industry.  In addition, I offer my personal take on where the industry might be heading in the next few years.

I am an optimist; for this reason, I gravitate towards stories and themes that reflect words like resiliency, curiosity, agility, resourcefulness and tenacity.  Interested to see how these come together in ways that fit into the sweet spot of being feasible, desirable and financially viable?  Here is one example from our 2018 Acquire or Be Acquired Conference:

In addition to sharing my thoughts on this blog, I regularly speak about what’s now, and what’s possibly next, in banking with a recurring focus on growth, strategy and/or technology.  I invite you to follow me on Twitter @aldominick, reach out via LinkedIn or send me an email.  To read my recent posts — or search by an area of interest — simply scroll down or click here.  You can also find columns I’ve written, and video recaps from various events, on

Lastly, If you see me in Washington, D.C., don’t be surprised. I call the District home.