Connecting the Dots

By Al Dominick

Welcome to about|that|ratio, a shared resource for those interested in what’s taking place in the financial world.  As the CEO of DirectorCorps — the holding company for Bank Director, FinXTech and a few awesomely-ambitious new projects — I have a front-row seat to the big, transformative challenges & opportunities impacting a hugely influential audience.  This includes public and private company CEOs, their boards and executive teams, technology executives, institutional investors, venture capitalists, state & federal regulators, government officials, academicians, trade association heads and members of the media.

I find myself chronicling the dramatic changes underway in the business world, and aspire to provide a big-picture view of the financial industry and where we might be headed.  For this reason, I gravitate towards words and themes like resiliency, curiosity, agility, resourcefulness, tenacity and those with a passion for developing products & delighting customers.  Here’s an example from this year’s Acquire or Be Acquired Conference:

In addition to sharing my thoughts on this blog, I regularly speak about what’s now, and what’s possibly next, in banking with a regular focus on growth, strategy and/or technology.  I invite you to follow me on Twitter @aldominick, reach out via LinkedIn or send me an email.  To read my recent posts — or search by an area of interest — simply scroll down or click here.  If you see me in Washington, D.C., don’t be surprised. I call the District home.