Welcome to about|that|ratio, a resource for those interested in what’s taking place in the banking world — with a current focus on issues like real-time payments, open APIs, identity management, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning given this week’s FinTech Week NYC that my company hosts alongside Empire Startups.

As the CEO of DirectorCorps — the holding company for Bank Director, FinXTech and some pretty awesomely ambitious projects — I have a front-row seat to the big, transformative challenges & opportunities impacting a hugely influential audience (one that includes bank CEOs, their boards and executive teams, technology executives, institutional investors, venture capitalists, state & federal regulators, government officials, academicians, trade association heads and the media).  That said, the perspectives I share on my site simply reflect what is on my mind and not those of the company.

In addition to my writing, I regularly speak about what’s now + what’s next in banking with a specific focus on growth, strategy and/or technology.  I invite you to follow me on Twitter @aldominick, reach out via LinkedIn or send me an email.  To read my recent posts — or search by an area of interest — simply scroll down or click here.  If you see me in Washington, D.C., don’t be surprised. I call the District home.