Creating High Performance Bank Boards

After spending the past two days with bank CEOs, Chairmen and lead outside directors from 45+ banks (roughly half being publicly traded), I thought to share the following video on a training & education program offered by Bank Director.  

Since 1991, Bank Director has supported chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, general counsels, presidents and board members of financial institutions nationwide with timely and relevant information and events.  In response to recent pressures placed on the banking community, our team introduced a board education program (DirectorCorps) as part of the services we offer.  This is not a one-time learning opportunity; rather, an ongoing collection of in-person, in-print and online resources for those wanting the highest performing bank board.  As quite a few of the attendees at our annual Chairman/CEO Peer Exchange inquired about what this is all about, take a look at this video we just posted:

2 Replies to “Creating High Performance Bank Boards”

  1. Looks like Corp of old white guys. #OldWhiteGuyBankers I am joking of course, but can’t help but think it plays in how boards tend to be out of touch and not up on new trends and technology.


    1. Thanks for sharing… both a fair & good point (humor taken too). The tech stuff is more concerning b/c of the radically changing nature of customer behavior/expectation. For community banks (which I’ll define under $10Bn in asset size), the need for a C-level exec and/or board member with a real eye to the strategic opportunities available via IT is huge. Yes, having a background in retail is a big plus. That said, someone who can lay out a vision for social, mobile, etc. needs to become more of a necessity, not a nice-to-have, for these banks IMHO.


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