Acquire or Be Acquired

We are back, IN PERSON, at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge, January 30 – February 1, 2022!
Saturday, January 29, 2022

Widely regarded as the premier event for CEOs, board of directors and executive teams from all corners of the banking sector, our annual Acquire or Be Acquired Conference brings together a hugely influential audience in Arizona.

Sunday, January 30, 2022
  • As of January 25, 2021, we have 1,387 officially registered to join us;
  • 865 represent a financial institution; and
  • 100+ companies support this year’s event as sponsors.

With the banking business in the midst of radical change, we discuss a number of growth options. We talk about recent merger transactions, market reactions and integration hurdles. We hear about the importance of marrying bank strategy with technology investment. We explore what’s going on in Washington with respect to regulation and we acknowledge the pressure to grow earnings and the need to diversify the business.

As the convergence of traditional banking and fintech continues to accelerate, we again offer tech-focused sessions dedicated to growth. We unpack concepts like banking as a service, stablecoins, Web3, embedded finance and open banking.


For those interested in 2020 conference highlights, you can read and/or watch some of what I shared about the conference we held at the Arizona Biltmore.

In addition to my opinions, our editorial team posted these articles to during (and following) the event:

If you are interested in reviewing the conference conversations via our social channels, I invite you to follow me on Twitter via @AlDominick@BankDirector and our @Fin_X_Tech platform.  Search #AOBA20 to see what was shared with (and by) the 1,350+ attendees that joined us and bookmark #AOBA22 to stay in the know for next year.

*PS — if you’re interested in checking out what’s changed over the past few years, here are links to stories and videos from January 27 – 29, 2019.  For our 25th anniversary of AOBA, the team welcomed 853 bankers — representing 432 financial institutions — to the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge.

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