Blockchain 101 – a Primer for a Bank’s CEO and Board

The rapid transformation of the financial services industry — due to technological innovations and shifting customer expectations — is quite remarkable. One of the most revolutionary technologies is blockchain, which might transform not just banking but also the media industry, insurance companies and government agencies (to name but three).  Be it digital identities, digital banking or cross-border payments, the potential applications of blockchain are immense.  So for those most responsible for being the champions and evangelists for growth within a bank, we produced this “Blockchain 101” video to highlight potential applications of this database for recording transactions.

*This video is a part of Bank Director’s online training series — exclusively available to a bank’s CEO and their officers & directors as part of their annual Bank Services program relationship.  I thought it was appropriate to make an exception today and share this particular primer in advance of our upcoming Growing The Bank conference.  We will host this program next Monday and Tuesday at the Four Seasons Resort and Club at Las Colinas — and blockchain’s potential will surely be discussed.

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