March 1 is FinTech Day

Tomorrow is FinTech Day… here is what you need to know in advance of this exclusive one-day event.

What: Bank Director’s FinTech Day

When: Tuesday, March 1 2016

Where: Nasdaq’s MarketSite (4 Times Square – 43rd & Broadway)

Overview: The next few years promises to be one of profound transformation in the financial sector. Clearly, the fabric of the industry continues to evolve as new technology players emerge and traditional participants transform their business models. At FinTech Day, we address trends like the personalization of banking, the challenges of scaling a company in our highly regulated industry and what shifting customer expectations portend for all.  For the full agenda, click here.

Who is coming: Attendee lists are provided to all confirmed; unfortunately, we are at capacity and cannot accept any additional registrations.  Below, I highlight the various businesses represented.

A look at who is coming to Bank Director and FinXTech's FinTech Day on March 1

FinXTech: In addition to connecting participants from across the community, I am  excited to introduce a new digital division — FinXTech — to provide authoritative, relevant and trusted content for (a) Fintech companies who view banks as potentially valuable channel or distribution partners; (b) Banks over $1B looking to grow and/or innovate with fintech companies’ help and support; and (c) Investors and services firms interested in helping to shape the future of banking.

Misc: To follow the conversation, I invite you to follow me @aldominick or use #FinTech16.  In honor of the occasion, I will be ringing the closing bell (flanked by Joan Susie, Chairman of Bank Director and Kelsey Weaver, Publisher of Bank Director + our speakers and various executives from fintech companies and high performing banks).  So if you want to see how we wrap things up at 4:00 PM ET, I invited you to turn on CNBC, MSNBC, etc.

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