Wrapping up Acquire or Be Acquired

As we bid adieu to this year’s crowd, it strikes me that efficiency and productivity are key elements in positioning a bank to grow.  While this year’s Acquire or Be Acquired conference (#AOBA14) touched on numerous growth strategies, the common denominator among “organic growth banks” is a robust and diverse lending platform along with a proven credit culture and process.

photo (42)

The future of banking

For those joining us at the Arizona Biltmore on Sunday morning, you saw a video that summarized various thoughts on “the future of banking.”  A number of attendees asked to see the video we used to open the conference again.  Here it is:

Tuesday Takeaways

My “rapid reaction” to this morning’s conversations at the Arizona Biltmore, in no particular order: growth is now driving pricing; efficiency & productivity are both key elements in positioning a bank to grow; and the base reality remains that there is overcapacity in the US banking industry.

Off to the hit ’em long and straight (I hope) as we wrap up our 20th annual conference with our annual golf tournament.  74 and sunny… what a treat!

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