FI Tip Sheet: This Week in Pictures

As I wrap up the week, let me take a look back at Bank Director’s 20th annual Acquire or Be Acquired conference vis-a-vis video recaps and a gallery of pictures from the Arizona Biltmore.


Sunday Recap

If you’re curious for a <90 second summary of our first day in the desert, take a read at what I wrote or look at these two videos. The first, of our talented editor Jack Milligan; the second, my two cents.



Monday Recap

The second full day of the program built on Sunday’s discussions relative to growth, profitability, efficiency and the need for scale.  Jack and I both shared our thoughts in these video pieces and I also authored a piece that can be found here.



Photo Gallery

Credit for these great pictures goes to Keith Alstrin of Alstrin Photography.

Aloha Friday!

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