Our First Quarter (In Pictures)

A fun departure from my recent posts in order to share pictures with various members of my team from the first ninety days of 2016.  As the weather warms and New Year’s resolutions (remember those) yield to Spring routines, I am very proud that my colleagues at Bank Director continue to navigate their days with curiosity, optimism and yes, I hope a sense of humor.  FWIW, there are three cultural values that drive the way we work:

Make others successful
The most powerful word we use is “WE”
Individual ownership supports collective responsibility

So as I reflect on individual efforts and the time spent crafting memorable experiences that occur online, in-person and/or in print, some of my favorite photos from the start of the year reflect the team dynamic I am so proud of.



Al Dominick (that is me above) is the President & CEO of Bank Director, a privately held media & publishing company designed around strategically important business issues that a CEO, executive and/or board member(s) need to know — and be prepared to address. An information resource to the financial community since 1991, we publish Bank Director magazine, host conferences like “Acquire or Be Acquired,” conduct board-level research, provide board education & training programs, run BankDirector.com… and recently launched FinXTech.

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