The SouthState Podcast: My Take On Banking, Leadership and FinTech

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending a few minutes with Tom Fitzgerald and Caleb Stevens on their Community Bank Podcast. Produced by SouthState’s Correspondent Division, the two dedicate their pod to helping community bankers grow themselves, their team — and their profits. For about 23 minutes, the three of us explored:

  • The hallmarks of a great business leaders;
  • The biggest trends I’ve observed in banking over the last 5 years;
  • The role of community banks (less than 1B in assets);
  • Who’s gaining traction in the bank technology space; and
  • How I feel about curiosity & empathy.

Oh yes, and I botched my ice cream analogy early on. As someone with a sweet tooth, I meant to reference Baskin & Robbins‘ 31 flavors of ice cream while talking leadership characteristics. As a child in Needham, MA, the idea that I’d have to choose between chocolate, coffee, oreo, cookie dough, etc posed a real challenge — especially as we’d go as a post-dentist treat! So when Caleb asks me about key facets of leadership in banking today, please understand my Covid-brain took me back to those fun childhood memories… which is how I wound up bellyflopping on the analogy!!

Podcasts Focused on Banking


  • With so many podcasts covering so many topics, I’m sharing three that focus on ideas and issues specific to banking.

WASHINGTON, DC — If you’re like me, The Bill Simmons Podcast makes for convenient listening while out for a run or driving around town.  Similarly, I enjoy daily, 15-minute updates on technology trends c/o Techmeme, politically-oriented stories (with healthy doses of humor) from Pod Save America and 20-minute perspectives on global affairs from The Daily.  But what about podcasts focused on banking here in the United States?  Personally, I found myself listening to three this week that I find compelling.

The Bank Account, produced by attorneys within Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner’s Financial Services practice, provides a weekly perspective on industry-related topics.  For a banker seeking regulatory insight, a board member keen on governance issues, or someone wanting to keep up with market trends, this is a good one to save.

The accounting and advisory firm of Porter Keadle Moore recently introduced a podcast focused on innovation in the financial industry.  Called GroundBanking, any beer lover will appreciate the opening to these episodes.  While they are still relatively new to the podcast space, check out their Q+A with NBKC Bank about their FinTech Accelerator Program and take a listen to their POV on faster payments with State Bank & Trust.

Finally, I’ve long admired the work of PrecisionLender — a tech company that offers banks a pricing and profitability management platform — and enjoyed their Purposeful Banker podcast series.  With 165 episodes under their belt, this could become a valuable tool for bankers competing in the commercial lending world.

In terms of resources, there are so many wonderful places to find new ideas and inspiration.  I’m sure there are more podcasts I should listen to — and welcome feedback on what I might add to my saved list.  Drop me a line or add a comment below.