3 Quick Takeaways from #fintech16 (aka Bank Director’s FinTech Day at Nasdaq’s MarketSite)

As evidenced by the various conversations at yesterday’s FinTech Day, the next few years promises to be one of profound transformation in the financial sector.

By Al Dominick, President & CEO, Bank Director

At a time when changing consumer behavior and new technologies are inspiring innovation throughout the financial services community, I had a chance to open this year’s FinTech Day program with a look at how collaboration between traditional institutions and emerging technology firms bodes well for the future.  With continuous pressure to innovate, banks today are learning from new challengers, adapting their offerings and identifying opportunities to collaborate. At the same time, we continue to watch as many fintech companies develop strategies, practices and new technologies that will dramatically influence how banking gets done in the future.

Personally, I believe this is a very exciting time to be in banking — a sentiment shared by the vast majority of the 125+ that were with us at Nasdaq’s MarketSite yesterday.  While I plan to go deeper into some of the presentations made in subsequent posts and columns on BankDirector.com, below are three slides from my welcoming remarks that various attendees asked me to share.

7 elements of a digital bank - by Bank Director and FinXTech

For the above image, my team took a step into an entrepreneurs shoe’s and envisioned an opportunity to build a new, digital-only bank from the ground up.  We consider these seven facets as base elements for success — and the companies listed provide real-life examples of financial institutions & fintechs alike that we see “doing it right.”

FinTech Day Deck1 (dragged)

The irony of sharing an idea for a new bank?  Newly chartered banks (de novos) are basically extinct.  So for a program like FinTech Day, I thought it was imperative to provide context to the U.S. banking market by looking at the total number of FDIC-insured institutions.  These numbers are accurate as of last Friday.

FinTech Day Deck1 (dragged) 1

This final slide comes from our annual Acquire or Be Acquired conference in Arizona.  There, we welcomed 930+ to explore financial growth options available to a bank’s CEO and board.  To open our second full day, I polled our audience using a real-time response device to see how likely they are to invite a fintech company in for a conversation.  As you can see from the results above, real opportunities remain for meaningful dialogue and partnership discussions.


Thanks to all who joined us, the speakers that shard their insights and opinions and our friends from Nasdaq!

This Week in Pictures

As our editor, Jack Milligan, writes in How One Large Bank Fosters Innovation, “conventional wisdom holds that banks are not very good at innovation — and large banks, with their entrenched bureaucracies and clumsy legacy systems, are probably worst of all. It might then come as a surprise that Bank of New York Mellon Corp. has run a highly successful innovation program that has made a meaningful contribution to the bank’s profitability, and also manages to get most of the company’s 10,000 employees involved in the process.”

Earlier this week, I shared how Declan Denehan, BNY Mellon’s managing director for strategy and innovation, provided his thoughts on staying relevant while engaging with the “startup ecosystem” during Monday’s FinTech Day.  Jack’s article offers a great summation of Declan’s perspectives — and for today’s post, I simply wanted to recap the event as a whole.  The fun for our team started well before the doors opened at 9:00; however, FinTech day kicked off with:

  • A number of video shoots in the NASDAQ studio that we will post to BankDirector.com;
  • Continued with a live-streamed discussion focused on innovation with Declan and me; and
  • Wrapped up with a closing bell ceremony and a lot of great company logos rotating on the exchange’s video board in Times Square.

FinTech Day, a collaboration between Bank Director and NASDAQ OMXattracted over 40 participants from 30 financial technology companies.  For those of you that joined us, I am pleased to share the link to the official photo gallery from the ceremony.  We are happy to send over any that you’d like as our way of saying thank you for joining us.  Simply leave a comment below, reach out via LinkedIn or Twitter and let me know what you’d like.  Below, some of the pictures in the gallery…

Before wishing everyone an Aloha Friday, let me thank the entire Bank Director team — and in particular, Kelsey Weaver, Laura Schield, Michelle King, Mika Moser, Jack Milligan and Joan Susie — for your efforts to make the day a success.  Each of you contributed something special and for that, I am very appreciative and already getting excited for next year (dare we call it FinTech 2.0)!

A Video Recap from FinTech Day at NASDAQ OMX

Before I left NASDAQ’s MarketSite, I had the chance to pop in to one of their studios to film a quick recap of “FinTech Day.”

Thanks again to our friends at NASDAQ for collaborating with us on the day and all those executives from technology firms that joined us in the city.

Waving for the network cameras
Waving for the network cameras

Ringing the Closing Bell at NASDAQ

I just received a few pictures from yesterday’s closing bell ceremony at NASDAQ.  With me is our Publisher, Kelsey Weaver, and executives from various technology companies — both established and just starting up.  Thanks to the entire team at Bank Director; specifically, Mika Moser, Laura Schield, Jack Milligan and Michelle King, for making this year’s FinTech Day a wonderful success!

I’ll have more on FinTech Day — a collaboration between the exchange and Bank Director that celebrates the contributions of financial technology companies to banks in the U.S. — later today along with additional pictures and perhaps a video or two.

Today is FinTech Day at NASDAQ (here’s what you need to know)

The who, what, when, where and why of FinTech Day at NASDAQ, a collaboration between the exchange and my company, Bank Director, that celebrates the contributions of financial technology companies — fintech for short — to banks across the U.S.



Who: Bank Director, a privately-held media & publishing company focused on issues fundamental to a bank’s CEO, senior leadership team and board members, teams up with the NASDAQ OMX to showcase various technology-driven strategies and tactics successful banks use to fuel profitable, sustainable growth.

What: FinTech Day at the NASDAQ

When: Today, September 8

Where: The NASDAQ MarketSite (4 Times Square – 43rd & Broadway)

Why: Because who says there is no innovation in banking?  During this day-long event, we keep our focus on a board’s level, exploring growth opportunities made possible by various technology products and services.

To Watch: We will welcome a number of executives from the Fintech community throughout the day, along with one of the country’s biggest (and actually, oldest) institutions: BNY Mellon.  Personally, I’m looking forward to chatting with their Managing Director – Strategic Growth Initiatives, Declan Denehan, at 2 PM ET for an hour-long session focused on innovation, competition and staying relevant. Thanks to our friends at NASDAQ, you can watch the live feed for free (click here to register and watch).  At 3:55 ET, I’ll join our publisher, Kelsey Weaver, to ring the closing bell. A webcast of the NASDAQ Closing Bell will be available (click here or here) if you are keen to see how we wrap up FinTech day.

Of Social Note: To follow the conversation, let me suggest these twitter handles: @bankdirector, @nasdaqomx, @bankdirectorpub and @aldominick. For photos from the ceremony and event, you can visit NASDAQ’s Instagram Page or Facebook page later today.  As we are all about being a part of the community and broader conversations, Bank Director will use #fintech for its tweets.

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