When Will Bank Mergers Return?

WASHINGTON, DC — The bank M&A market is currently in a deep chill, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.  It is unclear when deal activity will heat up, so who better to ask than Tom Michaud, the President & CEO, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, A Stifel Company, as part of Bank Director’s new AOBA Summer Series.  In this one-on-one, I ask him about:

  • The banking industry’s second quarter results;
  • Why bank stocks have not participated in the overall market recovery;
  • The medium and long term implications of the pandemic on the industry;
  • The area of Fintech he thinks will be the hottest for the balance of 2020; and
  • How the November elections might impact the banking industry.

There are 10 videos in the AOBA Summer Series, with topics directed at C-suite executives or boards. We talk about how important scale has become, given compressing net interest margins, increasing efficiency ratios and climbing credit costs. We explore why banks’ technology strategy cannot be delegated. We observe why some banks will come out of this experience in a bigger, stronger position. And we look at leadership, appreciating that many executives are leading in new, more positive and impactful ways. To watch, click here.

Trending at Bank Director’s Acquire or Be Acquired Conference

#AOBA17 conference intel (Sunday)
By Al Dominick, CEO of Bank Director | @aldominick


  • We could see over 200 merger transactions despite a declining number of banks in 2017.
  • There is a clear trend on M&A pricing multiples being driven by bank profitability and asset quality.
  • For banks, too little capital is not the only issue — too much capital and the inability to produce sufficient returns on capital is equally problematic.

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What is my bank worth?  How will the changing tax environment affect bank values?  When is the right time to buy (or sell) a bank?  What are the most significant factors affecting bank value?  These were just some of the questions surfaced this morning here in Arizona.  In this video recap of Sunday morning’s presentations at Bank Director’s Acquire or Be Acquired Conference, I share a few observations about the conversations taking place around issues such as these.

Given the focus of this three-day event, I anticipate many subsequent presentations building off of these points.  For those interested in issues such as these, I invite you to follow me on Twitter via @AlDominick, the host company, @BankDirector and its @Fin_X_Tech platform, and search & follow #AOBA17 to see what is being shared with (and by) our attendees.

Banking’s Biggest M+A Conference (#AOBA14)

In a few days, I’ll be taking to the stage with our editor, Jack Milligan, to welcome some 830 attendees, guests and staff to Arizona and Bank Director’s annual Acquire or Be Acquired conference.  Widely regarded as the financial industry’s premier M&A event, our 20th annual “AOBA” will bring bank CEOs, CFOs, Chairmen and outside directors to the Arizona Biltmore for three days of presentations, workshops, networking… and hopefully, some sun.  These industry leaders join us to explore issues such as strategic alliances, investors’ interests and whether now is the right time to be a buyer — or a seller.  I thought I’d tee up my blogging plans before leaving the snow and ice of Washington D.C. (see below) for the warmth of the Southwest.

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Acquire or Be Acquired

On the merger front, one of the big themes over the past few years has been unrealistic expectations between buyers and sellers of banks.  Not surprisingly, sellers think pricing is too low and buyers think sellers’ expectations are too high.  Now, when managed effectively, mergers and acquisitions present necessary and lucrative opportunities — and this particular conference affords bankers and board members the chance to “go deep” into the M&A process in order to represent and protect the interests of their particular bank.  I’ll be spilling a lot of digital ink on a number of financial, legal, accounting and social issues facing bank executives and board members.  Today’s post simply tees up some of the social tools I’m going to use to keep folks current with the discussions.

First and foremost, @bankdirector has a loyal following and does a great job putting info’ out for a bank’s officers and directors.  For this event, we’ve set #AOBA14 as the conference hashtag.  I’ll be tweeting under @aldominick.  Some of my colleagues will be as well; notably, our editor, Jack Milligan via @BankDirectorEd, Managing Editor, Naomi Snyder, with @NaomiSnyder and our Publisher, Kelsey Weaver, with @BankDirectorPub.


Take a look at Bank Director’s LinkedIn page — and feel free to search under “groups” for Bank Director if you want to join in the discussions.

Instagram + Pinterest

I’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes pix from the Biltmore using the hashtag #AOBA14 on Instagram and will pin to “January’s Acquire or Be Acquired from the Arizona Biltmore” with Pinterest.

More to come as prep continues for January’s official welcome.