• The Fight for Relevancy

    I’m sure it is really simple for those not invested in the future of banking to write that CEOs, their boards and executive teams should cut branches and full-time employees to make their banks more efficient.  But I’m of the belief that you can’t save your way to long-term profitability and viability — and not everyone can be like… Continue Reading

  • Mid-April Bank Notes

    I recently wrote How the Math Works For Non-Financial Service Companies.  Keeping to the quantitative side of our business, I’m finding more and more advisors opining that banks of $500 – $600M in asset size really need to think about how to get to $2B or $3Bn — and when they get there, how to get to $7Bn, $8Bn and… Continue Reading

  • How the Math Works for Non-Financial Service Companies

    As you probably deduced from the picture above, I’m in Chicago for Bank Director’s annual Chairman & CEO Peer Exchange.  While the conversations between peers took place behind closed doors, we teed things up with various presentations.  An early one — focused on FinTech — inspired today’s post and this specific question: as a bank executive,… Continue Reading

  • Risk Management: Most Certainly An Ongoing Process

    Banks increasingly rely on complex models to support economic, financial and compliance decision-making processes. With the full board of a bank ultimately responsible for understanding an institution’s key risks — and credibly challenging management’s assessment and response to those risks — today’s column shares eight considerations that KPMG wrote for board members as they evaluate their risk oversight.

  • Finding That Competitive (FinTech) Edge

    On a flight to Boston yesterday morning, I found myself reading various research and analyst reports about forces effecting change on the banking community.  As Bruce Livesay, executive vice president and chief information officer for First Horizon National Corp. in Memphis, Tennessee recently shared with our team, “you can’t have a discussion about banking without having a discussion… Continue Reading

  • Be Skeptical, Diligent and Courageous

    While much of Nashville took a snow day, I had the pleasure of spending time with bankers from across the country (who beat this morning’s storm) at the historic Hermitage Hotel for Bank Director’s annual Bank Board Training Forum.  Admittedly, I sometimes take for granted that a board of directors is responsible for monitoring financial… Continue Reading