• From Bank Director’s 2015 Acquire or Be Acquired Conference: The “New Consolidators” (Video)

    With M&A providing an avenue for banks to drive improved operating leverage, earnings, efficiency and scale, we focused on the emergence of mid-sized regional banks that are growing through the consolidation of smaller banks. My thanks to Jack Kopinsky, President & CEO, Sterling National Bank & Sterling Bancorp, Ben Plotkin, Vice Chairman of the Board, Stifel Financial Corp and Frank Sorrentino, Chairman & CEO, ConnectOne Bank for sharing their time and opinions in a session entitled The “New” Consolidators.

  • From Acquire or Be Acquired: A Video Recap of Today’s L. William Seidman CEO Panel

    Former FDIC Chairman and Bank Director’s Publisher, the late Bill Seidman, was a huge advocate of a strong and healthy community bank system. We honor his memory and this sentiment with a CEO panel each year. My thanks to David Brooks, Chairman & CEO of the Independent Bank Group, Mark Grescovich, President & CEO of the Banner Corporation, Edward Garding, President & CEO of First Interstate BancSystem and Daryl Byrd, President & CEO of IBERIABANK, for sharing their thoughts on a variety of growth-related issues earlier today.

  • Spotlight on FinTech

    If forced to pick but one industry that serves as a catalyst for growth and change in the banking space, my answer is “FinTech.” As ConnectOne Bank’s CEO, Frank Sorrentino, shared late last week, “financial institutions today operate in a constant state of reevaluation… at the same time, low interest rates and a brand new tech-driven consumer landscape have further contributed to the paradigm shift we’re experiencing in banking.” After I shared “Three FinTech Companies I’m Keen On,” I have been asked who else I am taking note of in the financial technology sector; hence today’s post on three more I’m interested in.